Be an Includer Pink Shirt Day edition

Be an Includer Pink Shirt Day edition

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Ethical Criteria

This run of shirts are sourced from Below is their commitment to sustainability and social impact.

What makes an article of clothing eco-friendly? What do we mean by Trade Not Aid? Read on to learn how we define our ethical categories.

But first, ethical fashion. Though some people use these words interchangeably with terms like eco fashion, sustainable fashion and slow fashion, we think ethical fashion encompasses a broader and more rigorous set of criteria. No matter how eco-friendly a product is, or how much a company gives to charity, we believe a brand cannot be considered ethical if it has not made a demonstrable commitment to protecting human rights.

A Higher Standard

In addition to the specific qualities that we call out, all of the companies we work with are socially responsible and people-friendly. Their products are made in safe, healthy environments where workers are treated and compensated fairly.

To this end, we are extremely careful about where the items we sell are manufactured. Many of our brands make their items in the U.S.A. or European Union, where labor and environmental regulations are more comprehensive and better enforced. Companies that manufacture in developing countries must demonstrate that they are doing so in a way that empowers, rather than exploits, workers, and that employees or contractors are afforded basic protections in line with international labor standards. Ethica does not work with brands that cannot provide certified or verifiable details about the conditions their workers (or their suppliers' workers) enjoy.

We recognize that the complexities of the global garment industry cannot be reduced to an item's country of origin, but we nonetheless seek to source products that are not made in those nations where inhumane conditions for garment workers are most widespread and egregious. Should we believe that an exception is warranted–for instance, as pioneers establish fair-practice settings in high-risk countries–the circumstances that influenced our decision will be communicated. We do not hide behind labels like "Imported." We disclose where every item in our store is made. As we grow alongside the designers we work with, we hope to increase traceability beyond manufacturing and apply these standards to as much of the supply chain as we can.

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